About the Blog & Blogger

Welcome to My Darling Clementine! As you may have guessed, my name is Clementine. I’m a 23-year-old beauty product enthusiast from Toronto, Canada. I’m currently a Film & Television grad student in Glasgow, Scotland, though I worked in cosmetics for three years between 2014 and 2017.

I love makeup because it allows me to express myself, and it’s the easiest way to completely change up what I’m projecting to the world on a daily basis. I also love developing a set of skills, researching new products, and experiencing new formulas and colours. My love for cosmetics is multifaceted, and that’s why I started this blog – to develop and share my passion with other people who care about all the different shades of purple lipstick just as much as I do.

Additionally, I’m interested in pop culture (which is essentially what my undergraduate degree was in!), reading, natural history museums, and cancelled cult TV shows. Some things I like: spicy food, grey sweaters, a really good cocktail, Harry Styles, feminist analyses of pop culture, dinosaurs, and boots with heels. I’m also a bit of a crazy cat lady, but aren’t we all?

I started this blog in the fall of 2014 when I realized that instead of wishing for the smart, genuine, and engaging beauty blog of my dreams, I could make it! I strive to always be authentic in tone and content, to be proud of every post I publish, and to uphold my values. I genuinely adore cosmetics and I hope that this blog will allow me to share my thoughts and ideas with people who love makeup as much as me!

My first post is essentially my mission statement, if such things interest you.