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Posted on January 12, 2018 under Inventory

I haven’t been totally happy with the way I’ve done my makeup inventories for the last few years. Comparing the total number of products with the total from a year ago only tells some of the story. This year I’ve made a chart that tracks these numbers as well as how many products I used up and destashed for a more holistic look at my consumption habits over the past year. I’ll have to evaluate how this is working for me later on, but there’s no harm in trying something new!

In my inventories I don’t count skincare or haircare products, only makeup and tools. I also haven’t counted backups in my total count. There’s no real reason for this, but I never have, so I don’t want to throw off the counts by starting now. I only have a few backups, anyway – for products I know I will go through.

Here’s my inventory for 2017:


I increased my stash of face products by 4 products, or 13.79%, this year. Honestly, I don’t think a 4-product increase is bad at all! Most of this expansion happened in the cream/liquid highlighter category. I also acquired 3 primers, whereas this time last year I had none. I’m still not sure I totally believe in the absolute necessity of primer, and I’m guessing that I will not have 3 in a year’s time. I got a lot of foundations in 2017 but decluttered quite a few too, so I ended up with 3, the same as last year’s total. Otherwise not all that much changed – I tend not to hoard things like concealer and powder, just swapping out old products when necessary, and I haven’t bought blush in over a year.


I have 3 fewer eye products now, which equals a 5.66% reduction. This category was a bit hard to judge accurately as I depotted a few Wet n Wild palettes into a MUFE magnetic palette – this means that my palette count went down but single eyeshadow count went up, though I didn’t actually keep the majority of the shadows in the depotted palettes. I got rid of a lot of my pencil liners this year because I rarely use them. I generally don’t see this category increasing or decreasing too much in this coming year – there’s not much fat to trim anymore, but I’m also not particularly interested in buying any new eye products (other than staple replacements).


Of course lips are my weak spot, and there was an overall increase of 9 lip products in 2017, which equals a 16.07% increase. I would have liked this to be lower since obviously lipstick is my biggest overall makeup category and I want to know I’m getting use out of everything. However, you will note that I gained 35 lip products in 2017 and only decluttered or used up 43, so I can’t be too hard on myself – more went out than came in. I still don’t really know how the hell I managed to acquire 35 products (more than 50% of my entire stash) in one year – that’s almost three products a month! (Although, actually, I have already added three lipsticks to my stash this month, so I guess I can see how that would be possible…) By the end of 2018 I would really like to see an overall reduction in this category.


This is a pretty vague category, which I increased by 25 products or 49.02%. Most of this increase came in the form of brushes. I bought duplicates of several of my favourite/most-used brushes, so I feel okay about the increase. I genuinely use almost all the brushes I bought daily. I’m feeling pretty good about the state of my brush collection at the moment, so I doubt I will add much to this in 2018.

Overall, I have a total of 224 products. I acquired 117 products in 2017 and decluttered or used up 125. My collection increased by 35 products, or 18.52%, which is down from last year’s increase of 24.4%. In last year’s inventory post I did say that I wanted to decrease my collection by the end of 2017, which clearly didn’t happen. I’m setting that goal again for myself this year, and I think this time I’ll probably actually follow through!

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  • Oh, I really like this! I haven’t kept track of how much I have and what’s going in and going out, but I decided to do a Reverse Rouge challenge with some friends so this may be the next step. I like how you’ve laid it out, very clear and easy to keep track of.

    • I considered doing a Reverse Rouge (or just tracking the value of what I use up/destash), and I’m still toying with it. I’m not sure if I want to keep track of yet another data set, but I’ll continue to think about it and see if I can integrate that info into my current spreadsheet. It’s a pretty simple format because a) I am no Excel genius and b) I’m not going to keep up with anything complicated!

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