State of the collection, January 2019

Posted on January 18, 2019 under Inventory

2017 was year zero of tracking my beauty spending, and I hoped to reduce both dollars spent and products acquired in 2018. In a broad sense, I managed to do both. I didn’t set myself a budget for the realms of haircare, bodycare, or skincare, since I don’t tend to overspend in those categories, but at the end of 2017 I gave myself $400 to spend on makeup, nails, and brushes. I easily stuck to that budget, with $268.93 spent in those categories and $769.61 spent overall. This year I spent a lot more on skincare: $271.89, to be exact, which is more than I spent on makeup, nails, and brushes combined. That indicates two things: 1) I obviously became more interested in skincare in 2018, and 2) I transferred some of my desire to spend to that category, although my overall spending was down from 2017.

Here’s a breakdown of my spending per category, with “Misc” made up exclusively of cotton pads:

And since I saved a lot of money through gifts, gratis, sales, PC Optimum points, and my employee discount, here’s the value of what I bought ($1813.58 total) broken down by category.

The most eye-opening thing these charts show me is that while 43% of what crossed the threshold of my home in 2018 was makeup, only 25% of my spending was in the makeup category. While I still love makeup, it’s no longer a spending priority – 10 of my 19 makeup purchases in 2018 were replacements, with nearly all of the new products being gifts or bought with Optimum points. I still like makeup, and I like to try new products, but I prefer not to spend real money on makeup these days.

This year a total of 107 products entered my life, with 57 purchased by me (whether full price or at a discount) and the remaining 50 being gifts or gratis. 36 of those products were replacements; the remaining 71 did not directly replace anything already in my routine.

And here’s the inventory for this year; you can read 2017’s inventory post for a little insight as to why I’ve set up my spreadsheet this way.





As you can see from that last row, I reduced the size of my makeup collection as compared to last year, but it’s still larger than it was when I first started making yearly inventories in 2015. My makeup consumption has naturally gone down as my interest in purchasing in that particular category has waned, so I’m hoping I can continue to pare down my collection in 2019 and really enjoy everything I have. There is a lot I want to write about consumerism in general, and I’m sure I will in due time, so for now I’ll just say that I will be buying less this year.

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