I’m finished my degree!

Posted on April 21, 2016 under Life

Yesterday I handed in an exam for my music class. With that, I have completed my degree. It’s been an incredibly stressful semester, for reasons academic and personal. (The night before my exam I was in the ER for five hours, and that’s really not even the worst of it.) I’m very glad to put this semester behind me!

Something which was causing me a lot of stress was my grad school acceptance. I was obviously incredibly stressed about the application itself for months, and couldn’t wait to hear back. But getting in didn’t make me any less stressed, mainly for financial reasons. I’ve made the decision to defer my admission for a year, and that has cut back on a lot of the stress. I’ll have a year and a half to save up for it so I can avoid debt, and after such a stressful four months I’ll (maybe) be able to relax a bit. At least whatever stress comes my way won’t have anything to do with school!

Highlights of my degree:

  • Passing a first year science class thanks to the most generous curve in the world, giving me a B- even though I got less than 50% on an exam worth 70%.
  • My one prof who brought his cat to class twice a semester and handmade his own stone tools. He made me declare an Anthropology major, which I immediately regretted when I realized I hated every Anthropology class that wasn’t his. (It ended up being my minor, and I did not enjoy it.)
  • My evil first year roommate who decorated our common spaces absolutely hideously, which included a poster of Bob Dylan right above our toilet. This made me profoundly uncomfortable and I retaliated by adding a new 8.5×11″ poster of One Direction to a blank wall every other day for several weeks. This went completely unacknowledged.
  • Taking a Scantron quiz with a Harry Styles gel pen and being worried that the machine wouldn’t pick up on it. (It did.)
  • My entire year abroad in Scotland!
  • Cutting down a 5 foot Justin Trudeau campaign sign at 2 in the morning, accepting its presence in my apartment for six months, decorating it according to the season.
  • Studying something that I had no idea was a legitimate academic field prior to university and realizing that I absolutely loved it! (Cultural studies, if you’re wondering.)
  • Things I managed never to do in my entire 4-year undergrad:

    • Study at the library
    • Check a book out of the library
    • Send out an email to the entire class asking for notes
    • Pull an all-nighter or even come close – I stayed up until 2am finishing an assignment last semester and THAT IS IT. I have excellent time management skills and I finish, like, all my assignments several days early.

    And with that, I bid my undergrad adieu. After my exam yesterday my roommate and I went out for tacos and then went onto Mont Royal to look out at the city.

    Photo 2016-04-20, 8 32 33 PM

    Tomorrow I’m celebrating by going to see Carly Rae Jepsen live, which is pretty much the most perfect ending to my degree ever. (I won’t go quite so far as to say that she got me through the last month of my degree, but, I mean, E•MO•TION is one of the best pop albums I’ve heard in my entire life, so.) And then on Saturday I’m back in Toronto for the next year and a half!

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    • Congratulations! I just wrote my last exam for my degree today as well! I can understand the stress related to studying abroad, I’m sure some months to allow you to save up money will help a lot!
      I pulled a couple all-nighters, but only one was actually related to school and the others were simply my ‘party-night’ days LOL.

      Here’s to being done school~

      Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

      • Yay for both of us! And yeah, I’ve definitely had some late nights turning into mornings that had nothing to do with school. ;)

    • Congratulations on finishing your degree! And deferring for a year sounds very wise — not just for financial reasons as you said but giving yourself time to chill out and enjoy life outside of academia. Welcome back to Toronto!

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