January + February 2017 Behind the Scenes

Posted on February 28, 2017 under Life

Last year I decided to try doing monthly Behind the Scenes posts and managed to only do one, in January. I thought I’d bring this back and do a post every other month, so here’s what I got up to in January and February!

Saw the Chihuly exhibit at the ROM

My parents have a membership to the ROM, and occasionally if there’s a cool exhibit I’ll accompany them. (Don’t tell anyone, but my student card expires in August, so I get the discount even though I’m not in school right now…) Well, I had to see the Chihuly exhibit, especially after my former roommate Katie visited Toronto and raved about it. It was every bit as spectacular as I hoped it would be. Every section was more incredible than the last. I only wish I had the type of cashflow that would allow me to buy some of his pieces…

Became a skinny pig aunt

My brother and his girlfriend adopted a hairless guinea pig in mid-January. My brother and I both live with our parents, so I get to see baby Cassius (aka Cash, Cashy, Cash Money, Cash for Life, and Cashew Nut) every day. We loved him so much that three weeks later, we added Wally to the mix on February 8. Cassius is about 5-6 months old now and Wally is around 3 months old. They’re ugly and wrinkly and, in my opinon, adorable. (A lot of my friends do not share this opinion…) Cassius loves carrots (and eating in general). Wally loves having his butt rubbed. I love them both. (Also, see the grey scarf Cassius is poking out of? I knit that. It’s actually in the picture on my sidebar.)

Knit a sweater

I learned to knit when I was about 10 and have done it on and off since then. In my time as a knitter, I’ve managed to make several scarves, a lot of stuffed bunnies, a hat, and some baby booties which I’m pretty sure no baby ever wore. (See above re: the scarf I’m wearing in my sidebar picture.) I’ve finished quite a few projects but never made anything really big. In early January I got a bee in my bonnet that I wanted to knit a cobalt blue sweater, so I scoured Ravelry for patterns and finally decided on Flax Light. (I did modify the sleeve length as I always roll my sleeves up to my elbows anyway and didn’t see any sense in spending time knitting them all the way to my wrists.)

It’s not perfect, but for my first sweater I’m really happy with it! I messed up the sleeves (there’s supposed to be a straight panel down the middle and mine comes out at the sides too), I used too big needles on the neck so it’s wider and looser, and there are a few dropped stitches here and there. I also haven’t blocked it yet or sewn up the armpit holes that you can see. However, not only was it my first sweater, it was also my first time using circular or double pointed needles. I really enjoyed the whole process – I find knitting soothing, and it gives me something productive to do when I watch TV. Plus, I have an attention span typical of a millennial and find it hard to just watch TV. Usually I play a game on my phone while binging Netflix series, but now I can do something that I feel good about and solve that attention span problem. Now I’m just trying to decide what to make next!

Got new glasses

Both my frames broke within a month of each other, so I took it as a sign to switch up the style I was wearing. (Most of you probably have no idea what my old glasses looked like anyway because I only post glasses-less pictures here because it shows my makeup better…) I’ve been toying with the idea of getting clear frames, but I wasn’t sure if they would look weird on my face. When I saw the Escapee frames from Eyebuydirect, I fell in love instantly – they still have the trendy clear part, but the black top anchors them to my face. I’ve had a lot of compliments on them and I love them!

Went to Montreal

My friend Anna came to visit from Halifax, and while she was here we went on a little road trip to Montreal to visit my old roommate Katie and her current roommate (and my friend from way back) Bec. There were six of us crammed into my old two-bedroom apartment, but lack of space to move aside, it was a great time. I always love hanging out with all my friends for a few days because it’s nonstop fun. One of my favourite parts of going out with my friends is everyone dragging their makeup into the living room and getting ready together while we listen to an awesome playlist. I have no pictures from our trip because all we did was eat cheese platters during the day and go out until 4am, but you can use your imagination.


Yes, it’s not glamourous, but it’s reality. I’m coming up on 3 years at my job in May. I’m very comfortable there and love the people I work with. Cosmetics retail isn’t my long term plan, but it’s fun for now. I’ll be happy to get back onto a schedule that’s a little more regular – right now I’m working until midnight three days a week and opening the store two days a week, including weekly Saturday/Sunday clopens. It makes it hard to keep a consistent sleep schedule, but I’m grateful for a fulltime job in an industry that interests me working with people I love! Retail is retail; there’s a lot of cleaning and organizing, a lot of emotional labour, and a lot of annoying or downright shitty customers. It’s the people you work with who can make or break a retail job, and luckily I work with some damn fine people.

Books read: 8.5
Beauty products purchased: 23 (Oh god, that seems like a lot, but I swear most of it is replacements and boring stuff like shampoo!)
Episodes of Glee watched in a stress-filled regression to my 15-year-old self: 83 (and boy do I wish I were joking)

There are 4 responses to “January + February 2017 Behind the Scenes”

  • A busy start to 2017! Sounds like you’ve had a great time though – I love Dale Chihuhly’s work. I wish I still lived in Toronto because I would have been in there for sure. Oh well!
    Congratulations on knitting your first sweater, practice makes perfect! I must say that for your first sweater this turned out pretty darn good. My grandma tried to teach me to knit years ago and I just got bored way too quickly. I’d love to learn though, it’s a great sense of accomplishment when you finish something :)

    I used to have guinea pigs and I think they’re freaking adorable. Skinny pigs are more of an acquired taste haha. I think seeing them in person would make them more lovable, as you get to see their behaviour and quirks!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    • His work is so beautiful! It was absolutely captivating. I’d love to go to Seattle and see more.

      My grandma tried to teach me to knit when I was about 7 and it didn’t stick! But then a few years later there was a knitting club at school and I loved it. I think it’s really nice to have a relaxing hobby that doesn’t involve a screen, haha.

      I had guinea pigs as a little kid so I knew I’d love these guys. I’m probably biased because I love freaky looking animals – I would LOVE a hairless cat. They are super sweet, though; they have the same personalities as regular guinea pigs.

  • Sometimes I feel like I only ever talk about work, but I spend most of my time there so it’s natural. Not glamourous at all, but it happens.

    This morning while buying my March bus pass, the cashier asked me if I was sure I wanted a regular pass versus the student one. Milk that student discount forever! Neither of my student IDs have expiry dates on them. I don’t take advantage of this enough. Or ever.

    Congratulations on your first sweater!

    • Yeah, I feel like my entire life is spent at work sometimes. And then on my days off I don’t want to do anything… I’m sure that’s the case with any fulltime job, but especially since I’m on my feet the whole time I like to spend my time off relaxing as much as possible. It doesn’t make for a very exciting life, lol.

      I can’t believe your IDs don’t have expiry dates! That’s amazing. You could totally take advantage of it. So far I haven’t found very many uses for it, but the ROM actually has free admission on Tuesdays for students, which I will certainly milk if they have anything else cool going on. So far I’ve gone to two exhibits using my old ID. Regular admission is like $20, so it’s a great deal. Luckily by the time my ID actually expires I’ll be just a few weeks away from being a student again.

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