March + April 2017 Behind the Scenes

Posted on April 29, 2017 under Life

It’s time for another Behind the Scenes post already! 2017 really is flying by. Last week marked a year since I’ve been back in Toronto, which seems impossible. It’s only a few months now until I’m off to the UK. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to.

Went to driving school

I don’t think I ever actually mentioned this on my blog, but I got my G1 license back in June. The G1 consists solely of a written test, and I have to pass a road test to get my G2 license, which allows me to drive with almost no restrictions. I finally went to driving school in mid-March. Because of my work schedule I had to do a four-day intensive course over public school March break, so about 85% of the people in my class were teenagers. I got 103% in my in-class course! I’ve also been doing driving lessons, and so far so good. It’s a bit nerve-wracking, but I’m managing. Although I’m sure you’ll understand the utter panic I felt when my first lesson involved going forward and reversing up and down the same 20 feet of my street and my second lesson was driving on main streets in downtown Toronto. Prior to my first lesson I had never so much as touched a steering wheel, so when my instructor said we’d be doing main streets for day two I was like, “Excusez-moi?” But I pretty much have regular driving conditions down and I’m not half bad at parallel parking. Driving in the city is a bit nerve-wracking, but I figure if I can do that I can do anything. I’m not ready for my road test yet, but I’m hoping to pass it before I leave for the UK in September.

Went to Montreal

I was just in Montreal at the end of February for a girls’ weekend with my ladies, but I went back again at the end of March so I could see Green Day with my old roommate, Katie. I saw Green Day in 2010 when I was 16 and it was awesome, and Katie and I had been saying forever that we had to go together. I paid $311 for our floor tickets, but it was totally worth it. I’ve been a Green Day fan for half my life and getting to experience it with one of my best friends was a joy! I wish they’d played more of their old stuff since I don’t care about anything they’ve released since American Idiot, but you can’t have it all.

Went to Kentucky

I went on a quick trip to Kentucky at the end of March/beginning of April. I’ve been to Kentucky three times since August 2015, all for memorials for family members, so they’re not exactly the happiest trips. Kentucky really is such a physically beautiful state, though. Not so much politically. Check out what I found at Liquor Barn:

Yes, when I opened the card my jaw literally dropped in the middle of an empty aisle and I ran, hyperventilating, to find my parents to show it to them. Although I have to say I’m not sure if the message or the terrible rendering of Joe Biden is more offensive…

However, I did find a bakery in Berea, KY which bears my name, which was cool:

Got a haircut

My hairdresser needed a hair model last minute, so I agreed to go in and get a few inches lopped off. I’d been debating a cut for awhile, and I’m glad I went for it. My hair is a lot healthier now, and I do enjoy it at this length. Sometimes I miss being able to do high ponytails and buns at the top of my head, but at this point my hair is so damaged that it does a lot better when it’s well above my shoulders.

Hosted a friend in Toronto

At the end of March, I visited Katie in Montreal, and at the end of April she came to see me (and our other friends) in Toronto! She just finished her degree, so she took a quick little trip now that she’s free. It’s a running joke in our lives that even though we’ve known each other for over three years there are no pictures of us together in daylight, and we continued that trend this time around. It was a really nice visit, though, filled with good food and lots of time spent with our friends.

The weather’s been really nice this month, and I have to say that overall March and April were very pleasant months. I don’t want to jinx it, but now that we’re a third of the way through 2017 it’s looking a lot better than 2016. Hopefully the momentum continues!

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  • I also had never touched a steering wheel when I had my first driving lesson last August and now I own a car (but am still a vaguely nervous driver but that’s mostly lack of practice and the fact that I don’t even hit traffic lights on my way to work so I force myself to drive around town after work/weekends to practice) so I have faith in you!

    • Okay, it makes me feel good that you’ve made it so far in such a short amount of time! I think my lifestyle is too transient to own a car (don’t know which continent I’ll be on past September 2018), but maybe one day…

  • My boyfriend is from Alabama and got his PhD at the University of North Carolina, so I’ve spent a lot of time driving around (well, being driven, because I don’t have my license either) below the Mason-Dixon line. Ginormous roadside crosses, anti-abortion billboards, I’ve pretty much seen it all–but it just occurred to me that I haven’t visited the South since the election. (South Florida doesn’t count.) It is a geographically beautiful area, though, especially around NC/TN/KY. So much green!

    I love that cobalt eyeliner, by the way.

    • Oh yeah, the anti-abortion billboards really got me and my mom this time around. I’ve seen ads for “crisis pregnancy centers” here but never anything quite so explicit. I have to say, though, despite myself I still love the HELL IS REAL sign I always pass in Ohio. And yes, KY is absolutely beautiful. It wasn’t quite at its prime when I was there, but I imagine it’s probably gorgeous right about now.

      Thanks! It’s by NYX – one of the few things I’ve tried by them that hasn’t ended up disappointing me.

  • I’m going to Kentucky for the first time in June (Louisville, for a wedding) and I am very excited but also, like, not. Sigh. #2017

    Your haircut looks awesome! I also love the blue liner in the haircut photo you shared :)

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