May + June 2017 Behind the Scenes

Posted on June 30, 2017 under Life

So… we’re already halfway through 2017, and I have a little over two months left in Canada. (One of the things I did in May was book my flight to Glasgow!) Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last time I checked in.

Saw Laura Marling

Laura Marling

Laura Marling is one of my favourite musicians of all time. She released her sixth album in the spring and it was as glorious as I had hoped. Her folk-inspired music is intimate, haunting, and beautiful. She’s also an incredible performer: understated, mesmerizing, powerful. I’ve loved her music since 2011 and I will take any opportunity to see her live. I truly think she’s one of the most talented living artists. (The first time I saw her, St. Vincent and Cara Delevingne were in attendance, so clearly she’s doing something right.) If you haven’t heard her music, her new album Semper Femina is wonderful, and I Speak Because I Can and A Creature I Don’t Know are tied for first place in my heart.

Got a tattoo

When my grandpa died in September, I knew that my next tattoo would be for him. I spent a long time really thinking it over, for obvious reasons. I remembered a photo my uncle had taken of him kayaking a few years ago and decided that I wanted that image rendered in traditional style. My grandpa was in the merchant marines as a young man and he loved nothing more than being on the water. Even as his health began to decline, he always made it a point to kayak each summer, although it was very difficult for him to get into and out of the boat. He was determined to live his life to the fullest, physical limitations be damned. The picture symbolizes so much about him. I absolutely love how the tattoo turned out and I’m so happy to have my grandpa with me always. (By the way, I’m big on flower symbolism – I have four tattoos that all include flowers – and when I found out that forget-me-nots were his birth flower I squealed at how perfect that was.)

Turned 23

My birthday was on June 19. I managed to wrangle myself a nice little 4-day weekend, which I mostly took pretty easy. My family went out for sushi to celebrate on the Saturday before, and then on my actual birthday I went to the mall to treat myself with birthday money. It was a low-key day, but I also managed to wake up with a summer cold on my birthday, so that’s alright!

Went to my friend’s bachelorette

Two of my good friends are getting married in a few weeks, and one of them had a bachelorette in Toronto which I got to attend. It was super fun and made me so excited for the wedding! I’ve never been to a wedding before, and I can’t wait. It’s in just two weeks now and I’m buzzing with anticipation.

Took the guinea pigs outside

Now that the weather is nice, we’ve been taking Cassius and Wally outside. Since they’re hairless we can only do it when it’s overcast, or they’ll burn. But they just love standing there eating grass like mini cows. Also, Cassius made a new friend…!

And that is what’s up with me!

Books read: 11
Times I woke up at 4am to buy overpriced tickets to see Harry Styles in London: 2
Percent of my soul that loves Lorde’s new album: 100 (Writer In the Dark and Liability, though, am I right?)

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  • I have never seen a hairless guinea pig before, but I feel the need to tell you that they are adorable and they kinda look like mini-hippos!

    Beautiful tattoo and Laura Marling is great.

    • We have a very famous PSA in Canada that stars a made up teeny tiny hippo called the house hippo. Almost everyone who sees pictures of the pigs says they look like house hippos! A lot of people think they’re hideous (which they kind of are), so I’m glad you’re a fan. They’re very cute but a bit high maintenance because they get cold, need to be moisturized with baby oil, and can get scratched easily since they have no fur to protect them. Luckily they’re my brother’s, so I just get to snuggle them. :D

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