Review: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation and Matte Revolution Lipstick in Electric Poppy

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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation and Matte Revolution Lipstick in Electric Poppy

When I studied abroad in Glasgow for the 2014-2015 school year, Charlotte Tilbury was still a new, UK-only brand. The Matte Revolution lipsticks had just launched and I coveted them more than I’d ever coveted anything. So when I went to London and just so happened to find myself at the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Selfridges, it was a given that I’d end up buying one of them. I hemmed and hawed and finally selected Red Carpet Red, a true cool red. I knew I’d wear it often and really get my money’s worth (as at the time, with the exchange rate, it was a $42 lipstick), and to guarantee this I promptly got rid of all my other true reds.

I love that lipstick and have worn it many times in the past two years. Pretty much since the moment I got it I’ve been wanting another one, and finally – finally! – I bit the bullet when I just so happened to find myself at the Charlotte Tilbury counter in the newly-opened Nordstrom Eaton Centre.

After much deliberation – and a hand full of swatches of almost every single lipstick Charlotte Tilbury makes – I finally decided on Electric Poppy from the Hot Lips line, which is also a Matte Revolution formula. (Incidentally, I love the name, though I don’t care about Poppy Delevingne – I have a poppy tattoo, so it feels quite me.)

I then wandered over to the end of the counter and saw that the much-touted Magic Foundation was only $49. I’d expected it to be in the $60+ range, considering other luxury foundations generally go for that amount, so I was pretty excited to see it was actually $3 cheaper than my MUFE Ultra HD. And they even had my colour, something which I rarely expect. I’m almost out of my MUFE and have been looking into new foundation options (because I like to try new things!), so it seemed opportune.

So, that’s how I ended up walking out of Nordstrom with a new lipstick and foundation. (Okay, my friend telling me to buy everything I wanted may have had something to do with it.)

Matte Revolution Lipstick in Electric Poppy

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Electric Poppy

I already know I love the Matte Revolution formula. Is it the only matte lipstick that’s this good? No, I suppose not. But it’s one of my favourite lipstick formulas to wear because it’s so comfortable and creamy and absolutely never makes my lips feel dry despite the fact that it has great staying power for a traditional cream lipstick. The formula can be layered should you need a touch-up (I find only minor touch-ups on the center of the lip necessary, usually) and doesn’t feel dry or uncomfortable with additional layers.

I love the shape of the bullet: the thinner, squared off tip really does help with precise application. This bullet is even more pinched and tapered at the sides. I can’t compare it directly with my tube of Red Carpet Red as I’ve worn the tip down through constant use, but you can compare my picture above to the pictures in Zoella’s blog post about the original Matte Revolution lipsticks. I’m not sure if this new bullet shape is standard across all the Matte Revolution lipsticks or exclusive to the Hot Lips collection. The packaging is also slightly different on my two Matte Revolution lipsticks, with Electric Poppy being a deeper rose gold than Red Carpet Red:

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Electric Poppy Packaging

As for Electric Poppy itself, it’s a vibrant red-leaning fuchsia. I wanted it to be a bit more of a pink-leaning coral (as it appeared under the Nordstrom lights), but in non-department store lighting it’s obvious that it doesn’t have the warmth of a true coral. Regardless, I think the shade is beautiful and I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.


And here it is in comparison with some other lipsticks I have in the same colour family:

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Electric Poppy Comparison

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Electric Poppy is cooler and pinker than Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss #06, cooler and more vibrant than YSL Le Pur Couture #57 (which also has a duochrome thing going on, rather than being matte), and more vibrant than Lancôme Color Design in Posh Pink.

I’m really pleased with Electric Poppy and I continue to be impressed with the Matte Revolution formula. I foresee another one in my future next time I want to treat myself!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Electric Poppy retails for $38 CAD for 0.12oz, or $316.67 per oz.

Magic Foundation

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

The Magic Foundation is a medium coverage foundation with a stiff, cream-like formula. Despite the fact that it’s far more viscous than the foundations I tend to enjoy – such as MUFE Ultra HD and Revlon Nearly Naked – it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It has a satin finish, which I like in theory – despite the fact that I have dry-leaning skin (especially now that we’re getting into the cooler weather), I don’t like an overly dewy finish as I find it can look greasy even on me and lacks the staying power I need when running around a busy store for eight hours at a time!

There are twelve shades in this range that go from very fair to quite deep. Twelve shades is a decent amount, especially when spanning such a range, but I always think that the more shades, the better! I was able to find a match with – surprise, surprise – the lightest shade, 1 Fair. All of the colours lean slightly yellow, but not starkly so. I’m neutral leaning cool and this cool yellow shade is a great match for me, but if you’re very pink-toned you may not find a suitable match.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Before and After

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Before and After

Before and after on both sides of my face. In the before pictures I only have on moisturizer and eyebrows. The after pictures are with one pump of foundation applied with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

Unfortunately, I don’t find the Magic Foundation suitable for my skin type. In my dryer areas (my forehead and around my nose), I can’t seem to make it blend in fully. It looks nice enough on my cheeks and chin (though certainly not magical), but it simply sits on top of my forehead and clings to dry patches something fierce.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Dry Patches

Close-ups so you can see the dry patches. One side of my nose is much dryer and prone to flakiness, so you can really see it in the bottom right picture. The bottom left isn’t so bad. However, my forehead definitely looks dry and cakey.

Is the Magic Foundation indeed a magic foundation? Well, not for me. I think this foundation would be really nice for someone with oilier skin. Its lasting power is good and it does leave a nice, semi-matte finish, but unfortunately it’s simply not suited to my dry skin. Thankfully Nordstrom has a very lenient return policy, so I can get my fifty bucks back and put it towards a product that doesn’t make my forehead give the Sahara a run for its money.

The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation retails for $49 CAD for 1oz, which obviously makes it $49 per oz.

Charlotte Tilbury products are available in Canada at Nordstrom, Holt Renfrew, and online at Beautylish. (You may find the exchange rate unfavourable if you purchase in USD online, however – the US Matte Revolution lipstick price works out to $42.91 as opposed to the $38 CAD retail price, and the Magic Foundation works out to $59.01 instead of the $49 CAD price tag at CT counters.

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