Review: ColourPop Lippie Pencils in Contempo, Heart-On, and Nevermind

Posted on May 05, 2017 under Reviews

ColourPop loses a lot of its appeal when you’re still dealing with the Canadian dollar being at $0.73 to the almighty USD in addition to steep international shipping. (As a Canadian I love seeing Americans griping about $10 shipping when that’s standard if not inexpensive for me.) However, ColourPop has recently started having free international shipping occasionally, which removes one of those barriers. Normally this isn’t enticing enough to get me to make an order, but sometimes you just need a pick-me-up in the form of 10 products for 50 bucks. (American bucks, that is. I like to live in denial about the exchange rate. Late last year I bought two Green Day tickets on Stubhub and it took me an entire month and a few vodka cranberries to find out what they actually cost me, which was $311. For Green Day tickets in the year 2017. I KNOW.)

Anyway, at the end of January I made a ColourPop purchase mainly on a whim. I got three Ultra Matte Lips, three Lippie Pencils, and four Super Shock Shadows. I swear I didn’t mean to buy TEN products, but I had to get to fifty bucks for free shipping and somehow I managed to justify all of this to myself. We all have our bad days, alright? I have genuine reasons for some of these products and nothing but a whimsical fancy to blame for others.

I’m going to split my reviews into three parts and deal with the different types of products separately. In this post we’re talking Lippie Pencils.

I hate the word Lippie, but I like “Lippie Pencils” far more than “Lippie Stix” and its forced plurality, so I’ll begrudgingly accept it. It’s kind of like when Stephen Harper is your Prime Minister for almost a decade and then Justin Trudeau gets elected and you’re like “Yeah, okay” even though you find the Liberal party far too establishment and think Trudeau is all about the talk and not so much about the walk and you’re a staunch NDP supporter but anything has to be an improvement on Harper. ANYWAY.

I try to keep my lip liner collection to a minimum, but lately I have come around to them as a general concept. I prefer to slap on some lipstick without a liner, but slippery formulas do a lot better with something to cling to. I also find that I have a fairly ill-defined lower lip line and liner helps me define it for a crisp look before I apply my lipstick. The idea of spending a lot on lip liners enrages me because to me that’s like paying double to use my lipsticks. Unfortunately the colour range of drugstore lip liners leaves a lot to be desired, so ColourPop seemed like a decent alternative. I will say that their liner range, though it includes quite a few unconventional shades, isn’t as extensive as I’d hoped. Not every lip colour stocked on their website has a corresponding liner, which would be truly awesome. However, if you’re looking for a dark purple or black lip liner, ColourPop has you covered! (I mean, or you could use cheap black Rimmel eyeliner, which is what I do when I wear black lipstick, which is more often than I ever imagined.)

These liners are regular, sharpenable pencils housed in plastic packaging. They’re very creamy and glide on easily. They’re comfortable to wear; you could wear these on their own without any trouble. I know some people have had issues with sharpening the plastic packaging, but they’re fine with my NARS sharpener.

The packaging does get a little janky because it’s white plastic that seems to have an actual compulsion to stain horribly, but I’m not too concerned about it. I prefer an all-black to all-white aesthetic, and I think white packaging usually looks cheap, but, I mean, ColourPop is cheap, so who am I to complain?

Anyway, here’s a closer look at the colours I bought.


I thought this would be a good everyday liner which I could use with a variety of lipsticks. Basically an alternative to my oft-repurchased Rimmel East End Snob. It is a nice slightly dusty pink colour which I most often wear on its own, but I probably wouldn’t repurchase. It is very similar to East End Snob but a lot more hassle for me to get my hands on.

Heart On

First, ew at this name. I really hate ColourPop’s marketing and basically everything they choose to be. Anyway, I bought this because I have a lot of fuchsia lip colours but find it surprisingly hard to find a fuchsia lip liner with the correct undertones and depth. This one isn’t quite right, either, and this is a lesson in why you shouldn’t buy shit online, sight unseen. This is much brighter and cooler-toned than I was hoping for, which is what fuchsia liners seem to always be. However, I have no complaints formula-wise, and I have received compliments when I’ve worn this liner on its own. I don’t think this looks bad on me by any means, but my preference for a fuchsia is just a little bit warmer and more muted, and every time I put this on I sit there looking at my face and thinking, “Oh. Hmm.”


I love the blackened purple of my Stila liquid lipstick in Chianti (pictured here in my first-ever ColourPop post). I think it’s amazing and badass and I love wearing it. But it does feather a bit as dark lipsticks are wont to do on me (maybe because of my shitty lower lip line?), so I got Nevermind to help with that issue. I probably won’t ever wear this alone for reasons that are probably obvious from the pictures – though the camera picks up a lot more unevenness than you can see in real life. This is pretty much a perfect match for the Stila lipstick colour-wise, though, so I call this one a success.

I’m pretty impressed with the formula of these liners and I’d consider picking up more, though I should probably stop messing around with both online-only makeup brands generally and ColourPop specifically. However, I really have no complaints about the creamy, glide-on formula of these pencils, and they’re one of the best ColourPop products I’ve tried. I just wish ColourPop were a little easier to justify for this Canadian.

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  • I didn’t like the formula of the one Lippie Pencil I tried (Frenchie), but Heart On is a really beautiful color! Agreed on the name, though. Can we just keep dicks out of makeup names? Please?

    Also, the Harper/Trudeau comparison is priceless. Similar to GWB/Obama, except that now we have Trump, which is like getting your lips burned off. Or something.

    • The more I think about the name the more I hate it. I DON’T WANT THIS COLOURPOP!!!

      Hahaha, I think Trump is like… your entire face being obliterated. Maybe worse.

  • “It’s kind of like when Stephen Harper is your Prime Minister for almost a decade and then Justin Trudeau gets elected and you’re like “Yeah, okay” even though you find the Liberal party far too establishment and think Trudeau is all about the talk and not so much about the walk and you’re a staunch NDP supporter but anything has to be an improvement on Harper. ANYWAY.”

    ^^Something about that resonates with me VERY STRONGLY.

    Colourpop has free worldwide shipping right now, no limit, which means I was over there looking at the Lippie Pencils. Thanks for this fortuitously timed post!

    • I’m glad my analogy is being appreciated! Hahaha. I’m actually more cynical about Trudeau than that paragraph might imply, too. But then I think, well, with everything going on south of the border who am I to complain??? (Kidding, I love to complain.)

      Oh man, no limit? That’s almost too good to pass up. As in, I really might not pass it up.

  • As a fellow Canadian girl who finally made my first Colourpop purchase, consider your post very much appreciated! The brutal exchange rate has always put me off, but I’m pretty sure no Canadian can resist the siren call of free shipping with no limit. Did you have to pay any duties on these?

    I even picked up Contempo too, although I probably would have tried something different if I realized it was so similar as Eastend Snob, which I’ve been meaning to pick up for forever and would have been much more convenient. Do they both wear the same?

    Also, despite the admittedly cringe-worthy name, the fuschia looks very pretty on you. If you’re looking for something a little warmer, have you ever given the NYX pencils in Fuschia or Bloom a try? Shoppers and Rexall should have testers in store, but I have similar colouring and they both lean pretty warm on me, Thanks for your review!

    • Nope, no duties on either of the ColourPop orders I’ve placed, but they were both around $50 USD. You might get dinged for much more than that.

      I find the ColourPop and Rimmel liners wear similarly, yes. I think I do slightly prefer Contempo because it goes on more smoothly, but the convenience of Eastend Snob means it’ll ultimately win out for me.

      I’ve briefly had a look at the NYX liners but haven’t been able to commit yet. The store I work at doesn’t have NYX yet so I have less exposure to the brand than I’d like! I’ll definitely look out for those two – I know a lot of people swear by those liners.

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