Review: ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips in Tuesday, Lychee, and Dr. M

Posted on June 01, 2017 under Reviews

I am now very behind the times with my ColourPop acquisitions; the Ultra Matte Lips were their first liquid lipstick offering, and they have since launched not one but two newer liquid lipstick formulas and updated the Ultra Matte Lips formula. I don’t know why one brand needs three different forms of liquid lipstick, but then, I’m not the genius marketer whose strategy of “Pump out trendy products with trendier names” seems to be working.

As I’ve said before, ColourPop’s prices are not dirt cheap for Canadians, so for me the main draw is the ability to try out different fun colours relatively inexpensively. (You know, compared to Sephora prices.) I’d pretty much decided against the Ultra Matte Lips formula since they first came out, since most reviewers seemed to find them very drying. Even after ColourPop updated the formula, I’ve been trying to wean myself off liquid lipsticks for at least a year now. But some of their most compelling colours are in the Ultra Matte Lips formula, so I broke down back in January and ended up with three colours: Tuesday, a bright red-coral; Lychee, a warm medium-toned lilac purple; and Dr. M, a deep forest green.

I would say the Ultra Matte Lips have a pretty standard liquid lipstick formula: a little more liquidy than moussey, pretty drying, and long-wearing. For $6 USD I’m not going to complain; sure, my lips need a little extra TLC in the form of Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm after the fact, but they’re not screaming in pain. The Ultra Satin lips are more comfortable but less long-wearing; Stila Stay All Day and Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuits are more comfortable and wear about the same. If I seem slightly unenthusiastic about the formula, that’s probably just because I’m getting burnt out on liquid lipsticks in general and can no longer work up much enthusiasm for them. I ordered these bad boys back in January and then in April I did pick up one of the Liquid Catsuits when I was in the US, but I think I’m going to have to ACTUALLY FOR REAL put my foot down and stop buying liquid lipsticks now. I don’t hate them, but I just prefer traditional lipsticks. The trend is dying and the backlash is starting, people. I hath declared it so.

Whereas the Lippie Pencils are, in my opinion, unapologetically cheap-looking, ColourPop’s various liquid lip offerings appear to have slightly classier packaging. However, if you own these products for more than about five seconds, the sham is exposed. The lettering on rubs off very quickly, and the tubes themselves are not very hefty. Hell, even the Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuits feel more expensive. I mean, Wet N Wild.

And now the lip swatches you have been waiting for with baited breath…


Tuesday is a vibrant red-coral. I bought it hoping it would replace my crusty old Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 06, which is one of my favourite lipstick colours ever but which I have not found a satisfactory dupe for yet. Alas, it’s redder and deeper than the Rimmel shade. I still think it’s really pretty, though. I should consider it too orange for my personal comfort level (which, you may remember, has absolutely no tolerance for orange of any kind near my lips), but I think it works. Anyway, this is a lesson for me to stop buying shit online hoping t will miraculously be an exact dupe for something.

L-R: ColourPop Tuesday, Lancôme Posh Pink, YSL 57, Rimmel Kate Moss 06


I hope you don’t want to buy this colour, because it’s been discontinued. It’s a nice warm radiant orchid-esque purple. You may recall that I have been on a very long hunt to find a dupe for the OCC Lip Tar in Hoochie, and this is the best option I’ve found yet. Personally I would love this exact warm purple tone but lighter, but I like this as well. The added depth does make it slightly more wearable. As you can see, this colour does not apply totally evenly.

L-R: ColourPop Lychee, Stila Viola, Little Mix by Collection Perrie

Dr. M

Dr. M is a rich forest green. Now, here’s the thing. I have worn this in public once, and I will likely wear it in public another handful of times. But I bought it 100% because of Rihanna. Back in 2014 she wore forest green lipstick to the IHeartRadio Music Awards, and somehow it looked almost natural on her because she is amazing and can pull anything off and also was like the only celebrity who understood the theme of this year’s Met Gala and her makeup for that was also perfect. So, yes, I have been obsessing over the concept of forest green lipstick for three years now, and 6 bucks seemed like a fair price to pay for a very belated attempt to be as cool as RiRi.

So, I like these colours a lot but I am over liquid lipsticks in general because they are too much hassle. If you see me ever reviewing another liquid lipstick on this blog please yell at me until I am forced to repent and reform my hoarding ways. (Actually, don’t, because Lancôme sent me a few shades of their new Matte Shakers so you will be seeing those at some point.)

By the way, this has nothing to do with anything, but here is a picture of my cat to end out this post. He likes to judgmentally watch me taking pictures for my blog.

There are 6 responses to “Review: ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips in Tuesday, Lychee, and Dr. M”

  • I have tried to quit Colourpop but they lured back in with the Blotted Lips and the Ultra Blotted Lips and for that, I’m angry/happy. I haven’t tried the Ultra Matte Lip because I hate liquid lipsticks (though I keep buying Liquid Catsuits???) but Dr. M looks amazing. I knew exactly which Rihanna look you mentioned because I too have been obsessed with it since she wore it. BUT NO. I will stand strong.

    • The Liquid Catsuits are very very good, so I can’t blame you. I do really want to try the Blotted Lips and Ultra Blotted Lips, too. I don’t know how I managed to escape unscathed last time ColourPop did free international shipping.

      I know Essence had a green bullet lipstick out in the winter for like $4, so maybe other drugstore brands will follow suit if you want to try to channel your inner RiRi!

        • Wait until you can swatch it! We got it in at work and even though we don’t have testers someone ripped them all open anyway (of course) so I swatched them all. The green looks like it’s going to be pretty patchy. :(

  • That forest green looks fantastic on you! It really brings out the green in your eyes, and I envy anybody who can pull it off. Like both you and Rihanna. :)

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