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Posted on September 27, 2015 under Reviews

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I like to have painted nails (they’ve barely had a day to breathe since 2010), but I’m not one for nail art. It’s simply too finicky for me – not to mention the fact that my fine motor skills are barely good enough to paint my nails a solid colour without getting polish everywhere.

Enter nail vinyls, which, as I’m sure most of us are aware, are essentially templates for patterns and designs. I was sent two sets of nail vinyls from Glam My Mani: Wavy Lines and Lightning Bolts. I was curious to see if the vinyls would yield pleasant results for a nail art novice like myself.

I decided to try the Wavy Lines first, and only on my thumbs, just to see if they would work. I went for a purple and robin’s egg blue manicure, using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Violet Voltage and Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Sugar Apple. I followed the instructions on the Glam My Mani website perfectly to cut down on user error.

First, I put down two coats of Violet Voltage and finished it off with my favourite top coat. (The Glam My Mani website recommends a fast dry top coat, but I only had Sally Hansen Miracle Gel on hand.) Then I applied the Wavy Lines vinyls on both thumbs. At first I applied them after waiting two hours, but the polish still hadn’t dried completely and I ended up pulling up some of it when I peeled the vinyl off. Lesson learned! I waited a full 24 hours to ensure complete dryness before attempting this step again.


I made sure to press the edges into my nails as directed, then applied a coat of Sugar Apple. I removed the vinyls immediately using a pair of tweezers. After letting them dry, I applied my top coat again.

Here’s the final product:


Not bad, right? The lines are really clean and the manicure looks a lot more complicated than it actually was!

Next, I decided to try the Lighting Bolts vinyls. In my laziness I decided I didn’t want to have to wait for the first coat to dry fully, so I thought I’d try a negative space manicure – and this time on all ten fingernails. I used the Beauty UK Nail Varnish in Black. Here’s how it turned out:



I found these ones a bit more difficult to peel up evenly due to the shape, and as a result the integrity of the design suffered slightly on some nails. However, I still think the overall effect is quite attractive, even with my lazy negative space trick.

The vinyls themselves are great quality – thick and durable, able to withstand being peeled up and repositioned multiple times. They adhere well to the nails but come up with minimal resistance. They’re also really good value – the sets vary in size from 50 to 270 stickers for $6.95 CAD, so they’ll last through many, many manicures.

Overall, I was impressed with the Glam My Mani nail vinyls. Granted, I don’t have any other nail vinyls to compare them to, but my first foray into nail art was pretty successful thanks to these stickers. The Wavy Lines are definitely easier to work with than the Lightning Bolts, but they’re beginner-friendly, well-made products that I would recommend to anyone who wants to experiment with nail art but doesn’t feel that they’re skilled (or possessing a million hours to fiddle with nail brushes).

These vinyls were sent to me through, a website which I have ordered from in the past and which I would absolutely recommend to any Canadians interested in purchasing any of the Glam My Mani nail vinyls.

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