Review: bdellium tools 766, 944, and 964 brushes

Posted on February 21, 2016 under Reviews

bdellium tools 776, 944, 964

This year I’ve decided to work on adding more brushes to my collection, more so than makeup products. I pretty much have every item of makeup I could ever need, but I have gaps when it comes to beauty tools. My first brush order of 2016 was initially supposed to be from Zoeva, as they seem to receive excellent reviews across the board (including from people whose opinions I really trust). However, the unfavourable Canadian exchange rate combined with a high cost of shipping to North America put me off that pursuit. An order of three brushes went from $55 including shipping to $71 thanks to our tragic economy. I’d still love to try Zoeva brushes, but I think I’ll wait until the Canadian dollar rebounds or until the shipping rate becomes a bit more reasonable.

I’d seen bdellium tools brushes featured in a few blog posts and YouTube channels, but they haven’t received a quarter of the hype of Zoeva brushes. They’re similar in concept: affordable, high quality brushes for the layperson who doesn’t have hundreds to invest in Hakuhodo, Suqqu, or even MAC. In presentation, they’re a bit more utilitarian than the pretty Zoeva brushes (which are periodically launched with beautiful limited edition packaging), but with a much lower shipping rate I managed to save a good $16. (It’s still utterly painful that $38 USD for three brushes including shipping was bumped up to $55 CAD.)

Shipping time was about what I’d expected; I ordered them on December 27 and they appeared in my mailbox on January 12.

I ordered three brushes, all from the yellow-handled Studio line: the 776 Blending Brush, 964 All Purpose Blusher Brush, and 944 Tapered Contour Brush.

776 Blending Brush

bdellium tools 776

bdellium tools 776

The bdellium tools 776 Blending Brush ($9) is a natural-fiber brush which the bdellium tools website claims can be used for cream or powder products. I really only apply cream products with my fingers, so I haven’t tested it for that. The 776 has been widely compared to the MAC 217, which is a pretty apt description. It’s ever so slightly smaller and a bit fluffier sideways, but it performs the same function. I find that my 217 blends slightly more quickly, but the 776 certainly does the job well. I’ve washed my 776 a few times and it’s held up well. There has been no shedding. Were I looking to purchase another blending brush, I’d pick up another one of these over the 217; I don’t think the much higher cost of the 217 is proportional to its quality – even though I love and cherish my 217.

964 All Purpose Blusher Brush

bdellium tools 964


The 964 All Purpose Blusher Brush ($14.75) is a natural and synthetic fiber blend. It’s rounded and of a medium density, which I think makes it ideal for applying blush – I get an even application that I don’t have to build up too much (as with my Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brush, second from top), but it’s suitable for highly pigmented products in a way that something denser such as the Real Techniques Cheek Brush (bottom) isn’t. From the side, it’s slightly rounder, meaning it can quickly cover more area than the flat ELF Blush Brush (top). Overall, I really like the blush application I get with this brush. I have noticed occasional and minor shedding.

944 Tapered Contour Brush

bdellium tools 944

The 944 Tapered Contour Brush ($15) is made of natural and synthetic fibers. It’s a pretty standard shape for those tapered highlighter brushes that are everywhere these days, but I didn’t own a brush like that – hence why I picked it up. The ELF Blush Brush it’s shown with is the closest thing I have to it, though it’s not similar at all. I love how this brush applies highlighter; it covers the perfect amount of area, sets it down evenly, and gives me just the right amount of pigmentation. I can build up my highlighter to be very noticeable if I want or keep it a bit more subtle. I haven’t noticed any shedding with this brush.

As you can tell, overall I am very pleased with my purchase from bdellium tools. I’m sure I’ll order from them again – even if it’s just to pick up another 776. (You can never have too many blending brushes, can you?) I predict that these babies will become pretty big on YouTube in 2016 – they’re just too good (and cheap!) not to. If you’ve used bdellium tools brushes, let me know which ones I should order next.

bdellium tools brushes can be purchased from their website.

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  • I was super interested in Bdellium Tools brushes, funny..but I never see anyone really talk about them. Thanks for this review. Ps. has a good range of all different brush brands (including bdellium tools) with free and really, really fast shipping, all priced in Canadian dollars? You should definitely check them out :P (in case you haven’t already!

  • Hiii, I was searching for someones experience with Bdellium Tools from Canada. I notice you said you paid alot for shipping but when I was on the website it says free shipping over $20, and its been like that for quite some time. I was just wondering if there is some hidden fees, or taxes and duties upon arrival. I have been thinking of making an order for some time now and this would really assist me.
    Thank you and wonderful post.

    • I just checked my invoice and it looks like I didn’t pay for shipping after all. I’m not sure how I missed that! The high shipping I mentioned in this post was Zoeva – I refer to the bdellium shipping as “much lower”.

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