My new favourite MLBB: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 045 Rose Nude

Posted on August 11, 2015 under Reviews

I still haven’t quite discerned the difference between “my lips but better” and “nude”, although I tend to think of “nude” as more “concealer lips” and less “very natural lip colour”. Thus, I’m not sure if you could classify 045 from Rimmel’s new Kate Moss Nude Collection as “nude”, at least not on me – but it is my new favourite MLBB, as it most accurately matches the colour of my lips as compared to every other colour in my collection.

The Nude Collection comprises five shades, three of which I could tell just by swatching would be a disaster on me. (Oh, who am I kidding? All I had to do was look at the bullet of the lightest shade to know that it WOULD. NOT. WORK.) The darkest shade is a bit too brown for my personal tastes, but it would make a perfect true nude on darker skin. 045 Rose Nude, however, is the perfect shade for me.

When I first applied it I felt that it barely showed up on my lips – but upon swatching it on my arm I discovered that it was perfectly pigmented – it’s just that it’s that close to my actual lips. The lipstick has a tiny bit more of that brownish rose undertone, but I do feel that it could easily be mistaken for my natural lip colour.


Some people don’t “get” the MLBB thing, and I’m certainly not one to normally choose colours in that family over my bolder lip colours – but they really are handy to have around. I feel that this colour helps to even out my lips and add a tiny bit of colour to my (admittedly unusually pale) complexion. It’s also great for no-makeup makeup occasions – for example, I wore it to get my photo taken for my American passport.

The Nudes collection is part of the regular Kate line, so they’re creamy, opaque, and not fully matte. The finish is perfect, in my opinion: anything too shiny or too matte wouldn’t look natural, thus defeating the point of wearing a nude. They feel comfortable and wear off fairly evenly. Like the original line, they’re not extraordinarily long-lasting, but they hold up to light-to-moderate food or beverage consumption.


Swatched (on the far left) next to some of my favourite neutral/MLBB lipsticks: Little Mix by Collection lipstick in Jade (darker, warmer) Rimmel Kate Moss 08 (darker and warmer still), Rimmel Kate Moss 017 (much pinker). Clearly I like my Rimmel neutrals!

My one (minor) complaint is that I don’t think the packaging is nice as the other Rimmel Kate lipsticks. None of them exactly scream “fancy”, but this shiny pale pink just doesn’t do it for me! I get the nude colour scheme, but I wish the plastic were matte like the others – the shininess seems so cheap. But as we all know, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, so I’ll probably get over it.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this lipstick. I’m (obviously) a huge fan of the Kate line; they’re my favourite drugstore lipsticks by far. The nude line is a great addition to the collection, and 045 in particular is a great addition to my collection.

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