Review: Stila Bright and Bold Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set (Holiday 2016)

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When it comes to new releases, working in cosmetics is both a blessing and a curse. I’m guaranteed to be able to get my hands on anything my store gets in; I’m often the one putting new products out, and, yes, sometimes I’ll put something away to buy before it even makes it to the shelf. But, well, sometimes things come in that I didn’t know I needed but that I feel compelled to buy anyhow. Which is not necessarily good for my wallet or my attempt to streamline my makeup collection.

I’ve pretty well curbed impulse purchases by now, but sometimes you just can’t resist pretty things. And when I saw the Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick sets, I could not resist. I already know I like the formula of the Stila liquid lipsticks, and it’s actually a pretty damn good deal. The minis are half the size of the full Stay All Day lipsticks, which is quite generous. I have a mini of Patina that I’ve been wearing regularly for a year and a half that’s still going strong, so these aren’t those “use it a few times and then buy the full size” deals. And for only $26 CAD/$20 USD when a full sized Stay All Day lipstick is going for $29 CAD/$24 USD, you’re actually getting a lot of bang for your buck.


These sets, limited edition for Holiday 2016, come in two options. Both have one permanent, already well-loved shade and two new, LE shades. The first set is Naturally Nude, which consists of Patina (permanent, a dusty rose), Perla (a light pinky nude), and Serenata (a deeper brown). The second set, Bright and Bold, is made up of Beso (permanent, a bright warm red), Viola (a bright lilac), and Lume (a bright magenta). Obviously, I went for Bright and Bold. I already own a mini of Patina and the other two shades in the Naturally Nude set just didn’t seem wearable for me – I think Perla would wash me out, and I’m not into brown nudes on myself. Plus, come on, the world would not be right if I chose three variations on nude over three fun bold colours.

The Stila Stay All Day liquid lipsticks used to be the darlings of the makeup world before liquid lipsticks were quite so widespread as they are now. They seem to have fallen out of favour a bit, with most people agreeing that they’re good but not the be all end all. I’d agree with that; I don’t think the formula is lifechanging by any means. But it’s pretty solid: it’s a nice moussey texture, the colours always apply evenly, and they last as well as you can expect a liquid lipstick to last. They’re a bit drying, but not overly so. All in all, they basically do what I’d expect liquid lipsticks to do. The reason I keep buying them is that there are a lot of really great colours. For instance, I purchased Chianti because I’d been looking for a really great super dark, cool purple for awhile, and when Stila came out with one in a formula I knew I enjoyed it was a no-brainer. And that’s why I bought this set – not because I’m such a diehard fan of the Stay All Day formula, but because I loved the colours and knew I would get on with the formula just fine.


Beso is a bright, warm but not orangey red. I prefer my reds cool-toned because I think they harmonize with my colouring better, which is why I at one point selected Fiery (Stila’s deep, cool red Stay All Day liquid lipstick) instead of Beso. (I got rid of Fiery about a year ago because it bled outside of my lip line a lot and I didn’t want to bother with it.) But I actually really like Beso on myself, probably because it doesn’t veer into orange territory, and I see why it’s a classic. (Anyone who frequented r/makeupaddiction in 2013 can tell you that every other person owned it.)


Beso is brighter and warmer than Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Red Carpet Red, Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick in Fusion Red, and NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Cruella. It’s more opaque than Red Carpet Red and Fusion Red and lighter than Cruella.


Viola is a vibrant lilac. This is the shade I was most excited for and probably what tipped the scales in my decision to buy this set. I’ve been looking for a good lilac to replace my separated tube of OCC Hoochie for ages, and I’ve found it surprisingly hard to find one that looks good on me. NYX Sway was too cool (a lavender rather than a lilac) and made me look dead. Sadly I don’t have Hoochie on hand any more to compare, though I expect it’s slightly warmer. However, Viola is significantly more wearable for me than Sway:


Unfortunately the only picture I have of me wearing Sway is this one from the photo booth at an Arcade Fire charity event in February, because it washed me out so much that I have not worn it again! (Though it was perfect for the event itself.) But hopefully you can see the difference in what the two colours do to my face.

So, I do generally like the colour of Viola (though it’s trickier to pull off than the others in the set), but the formula isn’t the greatest. I guess pastels are hard to formulate, because Viola is a tiny bit streaky and takes two layers to build up nicely, whereas all of the other Stay All Day lipsticks I’ve tried have been fully opaque and even in a single coat. And of course, the more coats I apply the drier my lips feel. However, it’s still a workable formula and a colour that I enjoy.


Viola is warmer than NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Sway and a lighter, brighter, purer purple than Little Mix by Collection Lipstick in Perrie.


Lume is a vibrant magenta berry. It’s a gorgeous colour and right up my alley. Initially I was kind of disappointed that this was in the set as I thought it would be too similar to two of Stila’s permanent options, Aria (which I already own) and Bacca. Swatched it is really similar to Aria, but on the lips it’s totally different. (I mean, to someone who’s well attuned to the differences in makeup colours. To the layperson they’re probably still pretty damn similar.)


Lume is brighter than Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Aria, more opaque and slightly deeper than MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel, much more purple than Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 09, and more vibrant than Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick in Scarlet. It’s most similar to MAC Rebel on the lips.


Here you can see Rebel and Aria on my lips. I’d say Lume is somewhere in between them. It’s certainly in this magenta colour family, which means I automatically love it – Rebel is my favourite lipstick colour of all time, and Aria is another of my most-loved colours.

I really like Stay All Day minis because the doefoot applicator is more like a fawnfoot applicator, which makes it a lot easier to apply lipstick evenly. Here you can see one of my minis compared to the full-sized applicator:


The full size is significantly thicker and wider. I don’t mind the regular doefoot applicator, but the baby one definitely makes application that much neater for me.

All in all, I really like this set and I’d definitely recommend snatching it up if it piques your interest. I think this one (or the Naturally Nude set) would be great if a) you already like the colours, and b) you know you like the Stay All Day formula or want to try a few different colours for a good price.

There are 14 responses to “Review: Stila Bright and Bold Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set (Holiday 2016)”

  • I have to admit, I’d be someone to go for the nude set because this bold set is a bit too much for me (or mainly just the purple!) As much as I love it, I know I wouldn’t wear it.
    I can see what you mean about the NYX Sway vs this Stila lipstick in Voila because it’s definitely a warmer tone.

    Overall these sets sound really nice – and I love your comparison to other lipsticks that you have in similar colour versions.

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    • The nude set is already sold out at work, but we have a few of the bolds left, so you’re not alone! I have a few neutral colours I reach for when the situation calls for it, but bold lipstick is what initially got me into makeup and I stick to my roots. :) I agree that the purple is an especially bold shade, though – I wouldn’t be surprised if it was what turned people off the set.

  • Those colors look stunning on you! I like the Stila liquid lipstick formula a lot, though I generally avoid liquid mattes, so I haven’t tried some of the other big ones (KVD, Anastasia, etc.).

    • Thanks! :) I’ve tried a fair few liquid lipstick formulas and I think the only ones I have left are several Stila colours (three full size and four minis) and two of the ColourPop Ultra Satins. I suppose there might be something better out there, but I feel like my minor issues with the Stila ones are likely to be true of any liquid lipsticks, really – it’s just par for the course that they’ll be at least somewhat drying. I haven’t tried KVD or Anastasia either, though I’ve heard generally bad things about the latter.

  • You should probably live in Lume. I agree about the formula of these, too: I actually prefer the Lime Crime Velvetines (I’m a monster, I know), but I have hard time getting rid of Beso because the color is so classic.

    • I could definitely live in Lume and similar shades – they’re my favourite to wear year-round. Yeah, there are some really great colours in the Stila line, Beso included. Actually, I feel that way about Lime Crime, though not enough to purchase from them. And the Kylie lip kits, too – she has several beautiful shades now that she’s expanded the line quite a bit. But definitely not for $60, which is what it’d cost me to get them shipped here with the exchange rate if I felt inclined to throw my money her way.

    • I’m a “bold lips” kind of woman, myself, so this set really hits the spot for me!
      I bought a mini of Beso on eBay, and loved it so much that I bought myself a full-size as a birthday gift to me, from me.
      I’m NW15, and Beso is one of those too-rare reds that looks RED, not pink, on me, without being orange-y.
      I also bought a mini of Lume on eBay; it hasn’t come yet, but I fully expect to love it.
      I wish Stila would release Lume in a full-size version.
      I am positively neurotic about wanting to always have enough of a shade I love, even though I literally cannot remember when I last used up a lipstick completely.
      I think I need help …

        • I still adore Beso, though I recently “discovered a cheap ColourPop Lippie Stix(that never sounds quite right used as a singular) in “Trust Me” that, like Beso, looks RED on me.
          I still love Beso, though; it’s really the absolute PERFECT red.
          I’m disabled, with impaired vision and the use of only one hand, so liquid lipstick can be tricky for me to apply neatly.
          For the right color, though, I’ll make the effort!
          Speaking of which, I love Lume, too; if Stila won’t make it full-size and permanent, I may “need” Aria.
          Oh, woe is I! :)

    • Thanks! I do love Lume a lot. Liquid lipstick is certainly not for everyone, and not for me every day. But Stila has some stunning colours!

    • I’m kind of relieved to learn that I’m not the only one who isn’t 100% on board with the liquid lipstick craze; my impaired vision makes precise application difficult.
      I still prefer the conventional “stick” format, though it’s become nearly impossible to find in some lines.

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