Review: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Snow

Posted on February 25, 2016 under Reviews

Stila Stay All Day eyeliner

When it comes to black liquid liner, I have been a faithful devotee of Stila Stay All Day for two years now. It just ticks all the boxes for me, and as such it’s one of the only pricier products that I gripelessly repurchase. (Okay, only half true. I did gripe when they raised the price from $26 to $29 CAD, which at this point in the downfall of our economy is probably like $5 USD.)

I did discover in the summer of 2014 that all Stila liquid eyeliners are not made equal. I haven’t heard much of anything about the coloured eyeliners they put out over the summer – although thorough reviews might have saved me from acquiring three of them. They’re smaller, the pen tip is different (smaller and harder), and the colour payoff is rather abysmal, at least for the two pastel shades – Mint and Periwinkle – that I have. Cobalt fares slightly better, but it’s still not even close to the Stila quality I’ve come to expect from the classic Intense Black eyeliner.

Snow, a pure white, on the other hand, has the same tip, pen size, and pigmentation as the regular Stay All Day liners. I’d been swatching it on my hand for a good year and a half before I finally bit the bullet and spent my Optimum points on it. I just couldn’t justify spending $29 worth of real money on white eyeliner, even if the quality was good – for me, at least, this is a special-occasions novelty product.

Stila Stay All Day eyeliner comparison

Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid liner in Snow compared to Intense Black, Cobalt, Periwinkle, and Mint. Snow is the same size and has the same flexible, wet ink tip as Intense Black. Comparatively, Cobalt, Periwinkle, and Mint are smaller and have a harder, smaller, and drier tip.

I really have no complaints about Snow. It lives up to the quality I’ve come to expect from Stila Stay All Day eyeliners – I mean, I didn’t get five pens deep without some serious quality to back it up. Really the only bad thing I can say about it is that it doesn’t necessarily go on fully opaque – in some places it needs another layer to be built up. But, I mean, it’s a white eyeliner, what are you expecting? It also doesn’t build up super well over darker shadows, and the brush will pick up the darker colours and get a bit dirty. This isn’t really an issue for me, since I don’t tend to wear very dark eyeshadow anyway – and I prefer very light, neutral eyeshadow with this liner so that the liner does all the talking. It lasts beautifully, and that’s what really matters to me. Because when you’re wearing white eyeliner, the last thing you want is for it to transfer or smudge or look anything less than intentional and badass.

Stila Stay All Day eyeliner in Snow Swatch

This is one pass of Snow on bare skin. Over eyeshadow and on a rounded surface such as an eyeball, it sometimes skips slightly, requiring a second layer in select spots.

Although this is certainly not an everyday colour, it’s also more wearable than I expected. It can be dramatic or more subtle.

My favourite way to wear it is winged, with a very thin black line right along the lashline. Very simple eyeshadow, white in the waterline, long, defined lashes. Looks really, really good with red lips.

Stila Stay All Day eyeliner in Snow Look #1

This can also be done a bit more dramatically – after all, with something that’s already as unusual as white eyeliner, it doesn’t hurt to take it a bit further.

Stila Stay All Day eyeliner in Snow Look #2

(Told you I liked it with red lips! Also, obviously these pictures are old, i.e. from when I was a blonde with long hair.)

I also like it with a bit of colour blended above the crease: burgundy is a favourite of mine, because it’s a slightly unexpected colour without being too in-your-face. It’s also a colour that speaks to me at this time of year.


The colouring is really off in this photo, but it’s the best I can do to demonstrate what I’m talking about. In real life it’s a lot more burgundy than brown!

All in all, I’m very happy with this purchase. I’ve loved crafting interesting makeup looks using it, and it’s the same quality I expect from my black Stila Stay All Day eyeliner pen. If you’re looking for a white liquid liner and you’re already a fan of the original Stila Stay All Day eyeliner, you have nothing to lose by picking this up!

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