Harry Potter Studio Tour: Focus on Beauty

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I was in London and Brighton this weekend to visit Aisling – and also to be a tourist, because duh. I’ve only been to London once before, in October, and there is just so much more to see there, always! (I’ll be back one day, mark my words.)

Amongst other things, we went on the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which is absurdly overpriced but absurdly awesome for the hardcore HP fanatics out there. (Aisling and I certainly fall into that category.)

One of my favourite parts was the hair and makeup station – it was so incredibly illuminating to see the wigs and all the products the makeup artists used!


It’s obvious that some of the characters were very heavily kitted out with wigs and artificial facial hair (Dumbledore, Snape, Hagrid, Lucius Malfoy), but there were others who I was surprised to learn were wig wearers – Molly, Arthur, and Ginny Weasley, for example. Not that I necessarily thought they were all natural gingers, but I guess I assumed they just dyed their hair for the roles!




The sticky note on the mirror says “We ♥ Dan if he does not pick his scar off!”

It was so much fun trying to spot products and brands I recognized – I see Laura Mercier, Lancôme, MAC, and lots and lots of stage makeup brands. And falsies galore! I suppose it makes sense that false lashes would be used, but it does make me laugh to think of a witch putting on individual lashes in the middle of a wizarding war.

I think I was a bit surprised at how many “normal” and recognizable products were used here – although, in retrospect, I shouldn’t be. Although there’s a lot of costume makeup, scars, prosthetics, and weird facial features there are plenty of characters who just have the faces they were born with. I suppose it’s especially funny because you never really think about cosmetics in the wizarding world – I don’t think there was a single mention of any sort of makeup in any of the books! I can’t imagine Hermione applying blush.

You guys know I love seeing people’s makeup collections and how they organize it all, so I adored this part of the tour. It’s like peering into someone’s vanity, but on such a large (and more interesting) scale. I feel a newfound feverish desire to find out what products are used on different movie sets now!



And because she’s my favourite, Luna’s wardrobe. God bless her soul.


I was very enthusiastic about this!!!!

(All photos by the wonderful Aisling Brock!)

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