Temporary makeup storage solutions

Posted on February 06, 2015 under Thoughts

I have grand designs for my dream vanity, which I plan to begin executing next year. It involves an IKEA hack and a lot of acrylic, and it will be beautiful.

However, right now is just not the time for such things. I’m in the last two months of a year abroad in Scotland, meaning my makeup storage situation is very, very temporary. I had limited space in my suitcase when coming here, and while I opted to bring over all my makeup, I just didn’t have room for any of my organizers. Thus, I’ve had to improvise quite a bit.

I did pick up a really nice acrylic drawer organizer from TK Maxx that has been a life saver (and that I hope to be able to bring back to Canada with me), and a few jars and cups for brushes and eyeliners, but these things just don’t cover my whole collection.

So, here are some ways I’ve repurposed things for the sake of my temporary makeup storage here in Glasgow.

organization lips

One of the hardest things for me was lip products that don’t stand up well on their own. Traditional lipsticks fit in the drawer organizer just fine, but anything in a weird shaped tube, or that’s tall, needs its own storage space. This empty q-tip container fits almost perfectly into my main acrylic unit, and is a great place for my OCC Lip Tars and other smaller liquid lipsticks. (You can’t see them in this picture, but I have a Joe Fresh liquid lipstick and one from Collection in there as well.)

organization everyday

I bought some bleach powder from Amazon that came in a cardboard tube that turned out to be the perfect size for my Stila liquid lipsticks and Revlon Balms. Previously all of my liquid lipsticks were lying unorganized in a box, but now I can see everything much better, which makes me more likely to use it all. (This is also why I love having the big acrylic organizer – everything is laid out so I can see it. If I can’t see stuff, I won’t use it!)

The box that tube is in is also one of my makeshift solutions, which solves two main problems: my palettes and my everyday makeup. Before, my palettes were just sort of stacked on top of each other, which made it a bit tricky to access everything. My everyday makeup was also just strewn across my table Рnow it has a home! The box lid is from a fragrance and shower gel set that I got from Superdrug for only £10 (major steal!).

I am so excited to build the vanity of my dreams in the coming months, but for my remaining time in Scotland I’m really happy with this – it’s organized, everything is easy to access, and I made use of what I had.

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